Renovation perspective of Phase I & II, Bulan Public Market. Photo courtesy to Municipal Engineering Office, LGU-Bulan

Market or marketplace is a location where people regularly gather for the purchase and sale of provisions, livestock, and other goods. In different parts of the world, a market place may be described as a souk (from the Arabic), bazaar (from the Persian), a fixed mercado (Spanish), or itinerant tianguis (Mexico), or palengke (Philippines). Some markets operate daily and are said to be permanent markets while others are held once a week or on les frequent specified days such as festival days and are said to be periodic markets. The form that a market adopts depends on its locality’s population, culture, ambient and geographic conditions. The term market covers many types of trading, as market squares, market halls and food halls, and their different varieties.  Due to this, marketplaces can be situated both outdoors and indoors. Markets have existed for as long as humans have engaged in trade. The earliest bazaars are believed to have originated in Persia, from where they spread to the rest of the Middle East and Europe. Source – wikipedia

In the Philippines, A “palengke” is usually composed of several dozen stalls arranged in rows under a shared roof. Management is usually by the local governmental units whose jurisdiction encompasses the physical location of the markets. Certain pieces of legislation, however, such as the Cooperatives Code RA 7160 and the Agriculture and Fisheries Modernization Act RA 8435 have prescribed that management of the markets be accomplished through cooperatives. There is little control over the day-to-day management of individual stalls, including commodity pricing. This has resulted in what has been called “palengke mechanics”. A cited example would be the price of chicken during the local holiday season; lack of demand for the product resulted in prices going up rather than down. It was stated that this was the result of local retailers raising prices to recover financial losses from low demand. The Philippine government retains some control over the price of some commodities sold in palengkes, especially critical foods such as rice. The National Food Authority calls this regulation campaign (specifically for rice), Palengke Watch. Source – wikipedia

In the Municipality of Bulan, the Bulan Public Market or “relanse” in local dialect was supported by the Local Ordinance # 13, Series of 2006, An Ordinance Adopting the Comprehensive Market Code of the Municipality of Bulan, Province of Sorsogon, or simply known as Comprehensive Market Code of Bulan. Whereas, the Bulan Public Market has been a Local Government Unit – operated enterprise and plays a tremendous role in enabling the municipal government could deliver basic services concerned mainly in producing more and varied commodities to the community, and is a means of generating revenues, and the importance of this enterprise to local government development shall be fully recognized and accepted. The revenue derived from the Bulan Public Market operations is one of the most important revenue sources of the municipality and under section 129 of the Local Government Code, the LGU’s shall have the power and authority to create their own sources of revenue and levy fees and charges consistent with the basic principle of autonomy. The Bulan Public Market Administration Office shall contribute freely to the attainment of the LGU’s development goals, it must managed effectively, must be clear its goals, strategies, organizations, management and supervision, and the scheme of operations more responsively to the constituents and environment. It must be multi-faceted enterprise, which serves a a catalyst for development.

Current Situation

The Bulan Public Market is currently headed by the Local Chief Executive Hon. Romeo A. Gordola under the banner of “Unhan Bulan” which aims to develop more in the current situation at the marketplace. It is said that the public market is the reflection of the communities as a whole. If the marketplace is clean, non-locals could conclude that the people of that particular municipality are aware of cleanliness values  and vice versa.  

Mr. Fiel G. Gerero, the current Market Administrator, rigorously helps to run the operation of Bulan Public Market. He works closely on supervising all personnel at the Bulan Public Market including collectors, cleaners and maintenance, security personnels and other office staffs for the smooth sailing of the operation. He also ensures that stall occupants activities are with accordance to the existing market code as well as the safetiness of the market-goers.

Aside from normal day-to-day market activities on buying and selling commodities at the regular stall occupants. The BPM also caters other service activities to the constituents of Bulan.

Other Operation Activities:

  1. BAGSAKAN CENTER – one of the positive effects of Farm-to-Market-Road Programs (FMR) where local farmers sells directly to the consumers their fresh harvests as early as 4 AM up to 8 AM at the very reasonable prices.
  2. SAUD DAY” or MARKET DAY – where local & visitor merchants sell commodities every 14th, 15th, 29th & 30th of the month from used clothings, dry goods, dried fishes, fresh fruits and vegetables, CD’s & DVD’s, and other commodities.
  3. SUMMER FIESTA CARAVAN – Every summer (May 20 to June 10) of each year, merchants from different municipalities could trade commodities due to many visitors, local & foreign tourists, and vacationists at Bulan.
  4. UNDAS CARAVAN – Where people could buy & sell  flowers for the commemoration of the departed love ones every October 30 – November 1 of the year.
  5. CHRISTMAS CARAVAN – Every 20th day of December up to 5th of January of the following year where locals could sell Christmas foods and other items related to the Christmas and New Year celebrations.

Year 2020 BPM Development Plan under Hon. Romeo A. Gordola Administration

  1. PHASE 4 – Exclusive for meat section, 2 storey building
  2. COMMERCIAL COMPLEX – in front of BPM (Bagsakan Center)
  3. BAGSAKAN CENTER – Zone-6, Bulan, Sorsogon
  4. Mini Terminal for Jeepneys, Tricycle & Single Motorcycle (“Habal-Habal”).
  5. Bulan Public Market Annex restoration
  6. Additional PUBLIC COMFORT ROOMS for free of charge
  7. PIER III – Zone 6, Bulan, Sorsogon
  8. NIGHT MARKET  ACTIVITIES – every Fridays & Saturdays from 5pm to 2am of the following day.
  9. MATERIALS RECOVERY FACILITY – for cleanliness of the public market and easy access to the garbage collectors.
For comments and suggestions please visit our office at Bulan Public Market, Zone-4, Bulan, Sorsogon and look for Mr. Fiel G. Gerero or you may call/text our hotline number 0929-408-8631. We are happy to serve you!