BIGKIS: In times of pandemic border closures, quarantines, limited transportation, and food supply disruptions are restricting people’s access to nutritious and varied sources of food, experienced especially in areas affected by the virus.

In any scenario, the most affected are the poorest and most vulnerable segments of the population (including migrants, displaced workers, children and senior citizens and Locally stranded individuals). People find it hard to go to a nearby market due to the constraint of transportation plus the hassle of securing an ECQ-Pass from their respective barangays.  Food commodity prices are increasing in local markets mainly because of logistical difficulties.

It is a known fact that protecting the people against the virus is the main concern today of our government but it also important that access to basic needs, such as food, are prioritized as well. Therefore, it is imperative to the Local Government Units to find ways to keep them at home yet not depriving them of their needs for sustenance. Responding to local needs and ensuring local viability, the Local Government Unit of Bulan, spearheaded by Hon. Mayor Romeo A. Gordola, have come up with ideas to bring basic goods closer to the people, optimistic that it will effectively lessen the burden of their constituents.

The LGU-Bulan adopted the strategy of deploying rolling stores or satellite markets during the time of Enhanced Community Quarantine through the “Bigkis ng Bayan”. It is a non-profit program that offered affordable quality and safe products, such as rice, pork, fish, and vegetables right in the doorstep of every barangay within the municipality.