The Botika ng Bayan, a flagship program of the Gordola Administration, provides access to free essential medicines for common diseases within the Municipality of Bulan. Targeting indigents and the marginalized sectors of the community, the program intends to provide sustainable free medicines for the constituents of Bulan 24/7.

The Botika ng Bayan provides not just free medicine but it also spreads out hope across the municipality, bringing us toward the vision of affordable medicine down to villages and sitios. A program such as this is proven essential in making the Bulañenos know that in their times of need, the Local Government Unit is more than willing to extend every necessary assistance.

The Botika ng Bayan medicines consist of antibiotics, topical ointments, anti-thrombotic, anti-inflammatory, vitamins, antacids, and other essential drugs for asthma, hypertension, diabetes, and dyslipidemia.

More importantly, the medicines will be dispensed to patients for free to ensure no out-of-pocket expense for indigents as it is mandated by Hon. Mayor Romeo A. Gordola.

Recognizing that the task of providing quality, affordable, and accessible healthcare services to Bulañenos should be coordinated using the whole of government approach, patient education and counseling will also be provided by the Medical Officer of the Municipal Health Office and trained Pharmacy Assistants.