Challenge accepted!

A promise of hard work and team collaboration comes along as the Local Government Unit of Bulan aspires for an ISO certification, yet with the efforts and participation of every department and employees to adhere to the quality management system being imposed in compliance to the guidelines set in order to meet the required parameters for being an ISO certified LGU. Those efforts pave the way for the municipality of Bulan to be certified within the scope of ISO 9001:2015 standards on its processes and procedures.

The local chief executive Hon. Mayor Romeo A. Gordola committed to serve within the boundaries of quality public service wholeheartedly supports to the enabling of systematic and quality services for Bulan’s Clientele. A thin line to walk upon knowing that it is public service that is at stake yet with the whole local government unit working hand in hand it was never a gamble but legacy in the making. It never ends upon the issuance of the certificate instead it is a benchmark of a one of a kind services to the people of Bulan continuously evolving for the better, and for the benefit of the entire community. As today administration’s tag line “ SA PAG-UNHAN SAN BONGTO WARA MABIBILIN NI SAYO NA TAWO”.