Vaccine is the best hope to prevent spread of COVID-19 infection and ending the pandemic. The campaign of the national government to combat the spread of the virus involves all the government agencies and instrumentalities. The National Inter-Agency Task Force for the Management of Emerging Infectious Diseases (NIATF-MEID) ordered the start of the vaccination after the Foods and Drugs Administration (FDA) granted Emergency Use Authority (EUA) to some brands of vaccine.

In compliance with the NIATF-MEID’s mandate, the Local Government Unit of Bulan, through its Municipal Health Office, started the Information and Educational campaign regarding the benefits of the vaccine. The local IATF coordinated with the barangay councils to encourage the positive response of the public and encourage support for the vaccination program. Moreover, the barangay councils were guided to identify priority potential recipients of the vaccine within their respective jurisdiction, according to the priority categorization of the NIATF-MEID.

In preparation for the actual conduct of vaccination, the MIATF conducted series of simulation of the vaccine processes. The first recipients of the vaccines were the medical and health frontliners. There was no significant adverse side effects experienced by the initial vaccine recipients. Thus, those who were at first hesitants were eventually convinced that the vaccines are safe and can truly save lives against COVID-19.

Presently, there are already ____ Bulan residents who were inoculated with the first and second doses of the vaccine. The MIATF and the RHU are optimistic that with the arrival and availability of more vaccines, more Bulaneños will be vaccinated. As a consequence, the Municipality of Bulan will be able to achieve herd immunity once 70% of the local population will be vaccinated.