“Unhan Bulan” encapsulates the vision that Hon. Mayor Romeo “Tyo Meo” A. Gordola has for this municipality; the continuous advancement of the town of Bulan.

Mayor Gordola’s path in public service began when he was elected as the Vice Mayor of Bulan last 2016, subsequently appointed as Mayor in the same year. In his first term, Mayor Gordola established the “Botika ng Byan, a pharmacy that provides free medicine to the indigent members of the community. When he was elected as Mayor last 2019 to which his administration pioneered developmental projects, such as the construction of farm-to-market roads in far flung barangays and rehabilitation of the public market among many others. His administration also introduced “Bigkis ng Byan”, a rolling market where staple foods are sold at lower than market value.

Mayor Gordola continues to serve the people of Bulan outside the reals of public service through Bulan Lions Club where he is an active member.


Municipal Mayor