THE CATHOLIC CHURCH: It is the biggest church in Bulan, with more than 90% of the local population adherents to the Catholic Faith. In 1569, the first Mass in Luzon was celebrated at Otavi; In 1640, Gate became a “visita” of Bulusan, and was established a separate parish in 1690, In 1746, the Church in Gate was destroyed by the Moros. The Bulan Parish was later re-established in 1799. The first feast day of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception Parish was held on December 8, 1801. In 1866, the church was transferred from Banuang Daan to its present location. There are three other parishes in Bulan: the Vicariate of Saint Bonaventure in Butag, the Vicariate of Saint Anthony of Padua in San Francisco, and the newly-established Quasi-Parish of Saint John Paul II. The life of the Bulaneños is deeply intertwined with the Catholic Faith. Many Bulan families have also offered their sons and daughters to the altar of the Faith.

THE BULAN EVANGELICAL CHURCHES: United Church of Christ in the Philippines [UCCP]. Tthe evangelical faith was brought to Bulan by a lay missionary. Policarpio Pelgone, a former colonel in the Philippine Revolutionary Army and later became a seminarian, was converted into the new faith, reached Bulan and started evangelization work in 1908.

THE IGLESIA NI KRISTO: Established in Bulan on July 23, 1950. The pioneer minister was Brother Mario Rejuso and Felizardo Hate Sr. was pioneer member of the Church

CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST OF LATTER DAY SAINTS/THE MORMONS: On March 24, 1980, after the missionaries, Elder Isonhood and Elder Alden started proselytizing activities in 1978. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints was organized in Bulan by Arturo Pancho.


SEVENTH DAY ADVENTISTS (SABADISTA): 1924, founded by Church Elder Alfonso Guanzon Sr.

JESUS IS ALIVE FOREVERMORE CHURCH: June 1, 1987 started by Pastor Eufracio Pangan and his wife Christine. They also established the New Jerusalem School in Bulan.

PHILIPPINE ASIAN MISSION, INC.: (PAMI) 1982 by U.S. Missionaries Reverend Norval Thorud and Ardette Thorud.

CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE: in 1982, when the American Missionary Rev. Peter Burkhart started his work in Bulan. The first Pastor was Reverend Jonnie Ramboyong of Naga City.


Some MOSLEM brothers, most of them traders and entrepreneurs have also called Bulan their home. In 2013, they established their very first mosque here in Bulan, the AL-QAMAR MOSQUE located in Barangay Fabrica.