Bulan has a wealth of historical and cultural heritage, and it offers a good number of places worthy to offer to visitors. As a matter of course, and with the amenities already existing to provide for the explorer, traveler and tourist, all the community has to do is preserve and conserve, rehabilitate and improve on its existing historical heritage sites and promote its cultural heritage. Eco-tourism can also be tapped and be given a boost. With a dynamic all its own, the tourism industry in Bulan will progress.

The history sites of Bulan are numerous, and a two-day or three-day tour package may well provide fulfillment for the tourists. There are the Bulan Parish Church, old Presidencia (1920) and heritage museum, the Monreal and Gabaldon Building (1906 and 1912), the Chinese Martyrs’ tomb in Zone 8 (1942), the Japanese war shelters of Aquino, Buntay, San Francisco and Santa Remedios, the Spanish Moro watchtowers (1799) of San Rafael and Otavi, where also was said the first Mass in Luzon, the Old Townsite (1800) or Intramuros of Sitio Pawa, the Rompeolas or Bulan Pier, Bulan Fishport, Sabang Park, and the beaches of Bulan.

On other sites and scenes, one can go snorkeling in Barangay J. Gerona, or go eco-trekking along the mountains of Mount Calumotan and Matarais or in the watersheds of Dolos. Boating may be had in the waters of Otavi and Marinab or sightseeing from the sea toward the points of Angas and Tahiran and the coastal barangays, sunset-watching in Angas or Bulan Pier Dos or early morning watching of fish catch at the Fishport. Nights may be spent in Sabang Park or town promenading. One can not go without visiting the mini-waterfalls in Liman, San Ramon and Montecalvario. Motocrossbiking may be organized in the vacant areas of the Bulan Airport.
In the cultural side, the annual Padaraw festival, the town fiesta, the holy seasons of Lent or Christmas or the Piyesta sa Kabubudlan may be properly timed for other tourist activities. Or collaboration with other towns in Sorsogon can be done to coincide with tourism activities in Bulan.

With a good deal of talents from its citizens, especially the artists of Bulan, painting and art exhibitions can be encouraged. Bulan has produced a good number of fine arts talents like the nationally-renowned Elmer Gernale, Joie Pabilando, Serena Gerona, Bong Gojar and hidden local talents like Bobby Huidem, Joey Hugo, Aldi Almonte, Jose Gonzalgo (+) and Salvador Tan . A center or museum displaying their works may be established. Or literature may also be encouraged by promoting, encouraging or compiling the works of Bulan writers, authors, rawit-dawit poets and composers. One Abby Coprade, a comics illustrator and writer made it to the national comics industry during the comics heydays in the seventies. Local handicrafts and souvenir stores have to be encouraged and supported.
Bulan is not wanting in hotel or accommodation facilities, eateries, grocery stores, night places, a bank, or even money exchange center. The town, natural as it is, is itself the come-on for tourists wanting to somehow relax and see a new, but old place. It does not need to be artificially propped-up because Bulan is unique in itself. It just has to be discovered.

#Year Location
11569 Barangay Otavi;as Site of the First Mass in Luzon
21690s Camino Real;Barangay Gate
31799 Banuang-Daan Old Townsite Baluarte de Piedra at Sitio Pawa ICS Barangay Lajong
41799 Moro Watch Tower in Barangay San Rafael
51799 Submerged Ruins of Barangay Otavi
61866 Immaculate Conception Parish Church
71906 Monreal Building
81912 Gabaldon Building
91917-1924 Old Presidencia; Luma na Municipio
101924 Old Houses at Zone 8; particularly the House of Dr. Jose Gerona; 1924 and the Concepcion Grave; Valeriano Labalan Funeraria Old Houses
111930’s Old House of Dr. Emilio Sierra; Zone 5; (Pre-war)
121930? Bulan North Central School-A Main Building (American Period?)
131930’s Old House of Don Laurente Grafilo; Zone 5
141935 Bulan Pier/ Pier I
151943-44 Japanese Tunnel Entrance at BNCS-A; Barangay Aquino
161943-44 Japanese Tunnels in Barangay Santa Remedios
171943-44 Japanese Tunnels in Sitio Daan na Bisita; Barangay San Francisco
181943-44 Japanese Tunnels in Sitio Layuan/Oyango
191945 Monument to the Chinese Martyrs of Bulan in Civil Cemetery; Zone 8
201945? Old Post Office Zone 3 (beside SLMS)
211946 Bulan General Hospital Building
221947? Southern Luzon Institute (Old Building)
# Name
1Bulan Civil Cemetery (1914)
2Bulan Community Airport (1929)
3Bulan Ecopark (1996/2004)
4Bulan Fishport (1994)
5Bulan Freedom Park (part of the Town design of 1866)
6Bulan Pier 2 and Coastway (1992)
7Bulan Pier I (1935)
8Bulan Public Market (1986)
9Bulan Roman Catholic Cemetery
10Municipal Heritage Museum (2012)
11New Municipal Building (1994)
12Sabang Community Park (1992)
# Name
1OBO Falls in San Ramon
2OBO Falls in Sitio Liman; Barangay San Francisco
3OBO Lagoon/Falls in Barangay Montecal
4Mount Calomotan EcoTreks
5Gabod/Mount Gate Ecotreks
6Dolos Watershed Area/Ecotrek
7Otavi Beach
8San Rafael Beach
9Sabang Beach - San Vicente Area
10Libanon Beach in Namo
11J. Gerona (Biton) Beach
12Angas Point in Butag
13Tahiran Point in Sagrada
14South Coastal Beaches
15Bulan Piers for Sunset –watching